Lose Belly Fat Fast Series #1

lose belly fat

Although most people want to lose belly fat fast so they look better, there are many more reasons why shrinking your midsection should be a priority.  Recent studies have found that belly fat is more dangerous for the heart than general obesity. If that isn’t scary enough, people carrying extra pounds around the waist have mortality rates that are twice as high as those who are obese.

Even if the rest of your body is within normal range for body fat, a large mid-section will still put you at risk for serious medical conditions.

Therefore, if you want to live a long and healthy life, losing your belly fat is a must. This isn’t hype – science has confirmed that belly fat is not only a potential sign of poor cardiovascular health but can also be a predictor of future health problems such as insulin resistance, diabetes, heart attack, cancer, dementia, stroke, sexual dysfunction, sleep problems and mood disorders.

Most people never make the connection between their poor health and the size of their mid-section – their main motivation for losing their belly is to look better. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good in your jeans and it is perfectly fine if this is one of your motivating factors.

But it is equally important that you understand the bigger picture because if you don’t address your issues with belly fat, you may end up with much bigger problems than not fitting into your skinny jeans.

As you may have experienced, belly fat is tough to lose and it feels like a never ending battle. Although belly fat is stubborn, it is not impossible to lose. Armed with the right information and plan, you can finally achieve the flat belly you have always dreamed of. You will not only look great in your jeans but will improve your overall health and vitality for the short and long-term!

The key to a flat tummy is being one hundred percent committed and true to a healthy lifestyle. Starting from the quality of food you eat, how much sleep you get, what you drink, how much exercise you do, how you deal with stress, work-life balance and so on.

This series was designed to give you the basic information you need to finally break through your belly fat plateau by taking a holistic approach to your weight loss. Meaning, it will go beyond nutrition and will educate you on the importance of sleep, stress relief and living a balanced life. When you approach your weight loss efforts as a full lifestyle change, your results will be long-term and permanent rather than short-term and temporary.

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